Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we gonna try to answer to as much as possible frequently asked questions about the band, the band members and our music. Do you have a question which you couldn’t find an answer to on our website? Mail it to our webmaster. He'll forward it to the appropriate band member. If the question is considered as a frequently asked one, we'll post the answer right here!

  • Why is Rod always wearing sunglasses? What's the story behind this trademark?
    answer by Rod:
    I started wearing them in the 60's just because I thought it looked cool. And now, after all these years, if I don't wear them, people think they're not getting the complete show. They always say, "Hey Rod, where are the shades?" Honey used to always wear a beret. She had lots of them in every color and always wore one at the gig. Finally, one night after playing in Florida and being so hot with that beret on, she completely stopped wearing them. Well, the fans were very upset for a long time always asking what happened to the beret and wanting her to wear it again. You see, once people get used to seeing you a certain way, they really don't want you change. At this point, without my sunglasses on at a gig, I feel like I'm not completely dressed. They've become a part of me when I perform, just like my harmonicas.

  • When people in the blues community speak about 'the best harp player', you'll hear very often the names of Rod Piazza and Kim Wilson. Sometimes there's some kind of competition between Rod's fans and Kim's fans. But what about Rod and Kim? Are they also competing?
    answer by Rod:
    I don't know what Kim's thoughts are. My only competition was with my harmonica and how to master it and "phrase" like the sax players I love.

  • How do Rod and Honey handle being husband and wife AND working together in music?
    answer by Honey:
    Well, it does take a perfect fit of two personalities and temperaments to be together 24 hours a day which includes the added stress of working at the same job. It's most difficult when we're on the road because we're virtually together every minute, in the van, in a restaurant, in our hotel room, and at the gig. We're never more than 10 feet apart!!! But, thankfully, Rod is a really mellow guy who lets most things roll off his back. I'm more of a worrier and a perfectionist who gets irritable at times. And this irritation usually kicks in after a few days in the van, because I also love solitude and there's absolutely no solitude in existence when you're on the road. So, the more crazy I get, the more relaxed Rod becomes and....there you have it. A perfect relationship!! But, truly, we are best friends who love hanging out together in our off time, so the constant closeness is something we really enjoy. I must admit, though, after a couple of weeks on the road, I do look forward to my time alone in the garden.

  • What music would I hear if I was to visit the Piazzas at home?
    answer by Honey:
    Blues, old jazz, Doo Wop, and Bebop!!!