Henry's Musician's Corner

January 2014

My interest in music began in grade school while growing up in the Pico Union District of Los Angeles, CA. By the time my family moved to South Gate in the early eighties, I was well into 50ís Rock íní Roll, Doo Wop and Blues. Still, it wasnít until I was 18 years old that I decided to start playing the guitar. At first, I was mostly interested in T-Bone Walker, Otis Rush and Buddy Guy. I didnít have any interest in harmonica blues until I happened to visit Lamarís Records in Long Beach. Gil 'Lamar' Duarte, who is an avid record collector and a virtual walking encyclopedia of Blues music, was very instrumental in shaping my musical knowledge through story telling, historical facts, and access to his record collection.

At age 21 I joined the very popular White Boy James and the Blues Express began playing locally. It was through Whiteboy aka James Page that I met many local and touring musicians. I joined The William Clarke Blues Band around 1993 and toured throughout the U.S. and Europe. In 1996 I re-joined Clarkeís Band and remained with him up until his untimely death.

After taking some time off, I formed my band fronted by singer, harp player San Pedro Slim aka David Keifer. The San Pedro Slim Band played locally for a number of years and also recorded the CD 'Another Night on the Town'. Ultimately, the group disbanded a few years after. I took a long hiatus and it wasnít until Mike Arguello from 2000 Lbs. of Blues called that I started playing again. After being in Mikeís band for several years I joined The Mighty Flyers. My first gig with the band was at a local club in late June of 2002.

Henry Carvajal