Norm's Musician's Corner

January, 2014

Hi there,

Born as Norman Jess Gonzales on December 20th, 1960 in East Los Angeles, CA. I come from a fairly large family with 4 sisters and 2 brothers. My musical influence mostly came from my father and brothers who were about 9 years older than I. Dad was a big Blues & Jazz fan so I grew up listening to Muddy, BB King and Ray Charles who were among my Dadís favorites along with Dave Brubeck and oddly enough Johnny Cash. So music listening in our home covered a pretty wide range. My biggest inspirations were my brothers Frankie & Joey they both studied music at an early age. Both are guitar players, but brother Joey could sing with soul and Frankie just wailed on that Guit! Brother Frank continues on a music career and also studied music at UCLA so needless to say I never left his side from a very young age. Because of that, I was exposed to a lot of live music in the 60ís and 70ís. I started out on drums, then guitar, but got my first Bass from my Bro in 1980 and have stuck with it ever since!


So I played the usual HS garage band thing and in 1986 moved to the IE (San Bernardino / Riverside County) where I totally jumped into the blues scene and played with some cool guys along the way, including the Mudcats, Night Train , and my favorite cats to rip it up with, Lil ďAĒ and The  Allnighters. I had a chance to see Rod & the Flyers around 1995 and it changed my life instantly! Rod and I had a lot in common with cars so we hit it off and talked cars and music quite a bit throughout the years. Rod & Honey have been great friends of mine for a long time, so to finally get the opportunity to actually play with them has been an amazing experience. Rod, Honey, Dave, and Henry Ö it just doesnít get any better! Iím just blessed Ö I got all the support from my Family and especially from my wife Re who has been by my side since my 1st garage band in í78.

Norm Gonzales